Bodily Undoing – Somatic Activism and Performance Cultures as Practices of Critique

Two day symposium

Bath Spa University, Newton Park Campus

Sept 16th and 17th 2017

Convenors: Thomas Kampe, Pamela Karantonis , Silvia Carderelli -Gronau (Bath Spa University),  Tamara Ashley (University of Bedfordshire)

This two day symposium aims to address the socially and culturally transformative potential of Somatics and transdisciplinary performance practices through workshops, academic papers, artistic presentations and debate.

Bodily Undoing Abstracts and Biogs

Bodily Undoing Schedule of Events


Kirsty Alexander (UK), Tamara Ashley (UK), Colleen Bartley (UK), Christine Bellerose (CAN), Nicole Bindler (US), Silvia Carderelli-Gronau (UK), Jane Carr (UK), Noyale Colin, (UK), Olly Crick, (UK), Jenny Coogan, (D), Katy Dymoke, (UK), Virginia Farman (UK), Gustavo Fijalkow (UK), Natalie Garrett Brown (UK), Jeannette Ginslov (UK), Gina Giotaki (GR/UK), David Glass (UK), Vanessa Grasse (UK), Christina Greenland (UK), Angela Guerreiro (PT/D),Mark James Hamilton (UK), Vicky Hunter(UK), Instant Dissidence (keynote,UK) Manuela Jara (CO),Thomas Kampe (UK),Pamela  Karantonis (UK), Alexander Komlosi (FI), Nita Little (keynote, US), Nadine Martinez(US), Maria Bartilotti Matos (PT), Lisa May-Thomas (UK), Emma Meehan (UK), Katia Münker (D), Jane Munro (UK),Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer (CAN), Mike Poltorak (UK), Ailsa Richardson (UK), Carolyn Roy (UK),Karin Rugman (UK), Richard Sarco-Thomas (Malta), Stephanie Scheubeck (UK),Carrie Marie Schneider (US),Bruce Sharp (UK),Ildiko Solti (UK), Sian Sullivan (UK), Jane Turner (UK) , Geoffery Unkovich (UK), Verena Vandenberg (UK/NL), Doerte Weig (ES), Richard White (UK),  Ali Young (UK)

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 For more information, contact: 

Glenna Batson (2017) argues towards the need for a new critique to fully address Somatics in the face of neoliberal globalization and an increasing planetary poly-crisis. How do we locate our embodied practices beyond commodification as critical and empowering practices? How do we question relevance, access, inclusion, and modes of knowledge production within our work? How do we articulate a critical stance toward elitism, Euro-centrism and under-theorisation historically associated with the field?  Somatic practices can be understood as reflective processes of undoing existing patterns so that new ones can emerge. How can this transformative undoing be extended beyond the body of the individual to the body politic or the social body? How might we construct Somatics and affiliated transdisciplinary arts practices as practices of critique that might contribute to an alternative social imaginary or way of world-making? Can somatic processes and performance practices foster a capacity for self-reflection and criticality as feature of the ‘democratic citizen’ as ‘a member of the body politic’ (Morin 1999) within growing totalitarian socio-cultural contexts?

This symposium launches the Journal for Dance Somatic Practices (JDSP) Volume 9.1 – ‘Bodily Undoing – Somatics as Practice of Critique’ co-edited by Kirsty Alexander and Thomas Kampe.  JDSP Vol 9.1

During the symposium the David Glass Ensemble will be artists-in-residence and will present a corporeally-inspired working of Dickens’s Bleak House in a performance on Saturday 16th September at 7:30pm in the University Theatre. For Symposium attendees, a theatre ticket can be made available at a reduced price.

The event is supported through the Creative Corporealities and the Arts for Social Change research groups, and through the Environmental Humanities Research Centre of The College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) of Bath Spa University.



7 thoughts on “Bodily Undoing – Somatic Activism and Performance Cultures as Practices of Critique

  1. I just received word of this symposium. I am a New York based dance artist and professor at Bard College, developing somatic and performance research. I would love to attend, and would love more to present something but would need some time to gather my thoughts. Is the July 12 deadline at all flexible?


      1. Hi Thomas I am a colleague of Silvi’s and have just completed an MA in Dance movement Psychotherapy, as well as being a poet and visual artist and workshop leader. Can I have a bit of time to get a proposal to you?


  2. Hi Thomas, Glenna just told me about the conference that you are organizing in Bath. You read, I see what I put on Face Book about the workshops I gave in London and Oxford. I know the date for submission is already passed but do you think what I do would be interesting in the conference?


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